Welcome to our Group

  Professor Mai works to promote the creation of the joint laboratory between Wuhan University of Technology and Prof. Lieber group. Our group is mainly engaged in research field of nano energy materials and devices including new nanomaterials, micro/nano devices and energy based nano-bio interface. We first designed a single nanowire electrochemical device in the electrochemical energy storage research. We are focusing on the nano-electrode materials rational synthesis, control performance, device design, in-situ characterization, electrical transport and storage and other systemic basic research. We have got a series of international recognition of innovative achievements. The group currently has 7 teachers, more than 80 PhDs、master students and undergraduate students. Many students from this group are recommended to Harvard University, Oxford University, University of California at Los Angeles, Duke University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other famous universities or research institutions for pursuing a Ph.D. degree or joint training programs.
  Academician of the U. S. Academy of Sciences, Professor Charles M. Lieber from Harvard University and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Dongyuan Zhao are the group's academic advisors, providing important guidance and assistance for group development.
  In recent years, Prof. Mai's group has conducted or participated in more than 20 projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Basic Research Program of China, etc. 
  We welcome interested scholars and students with new ideas in the field of nanomaterials and devices! Particularly welcome students interested in nano-research with good grades, solid foundation in English, positive initiative. And also welcome the exchanges and cooperation of experts and scholars at home and abroad!

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