Micro/Nano Devices
a. Single Nanowire Electrochemical Devices: We report the single nanowire electrode devices designed as a unique platform for in situ probing the intrinsic reason for electrode capacity fading in Li ion based energy storage devices. In this device, a single vanadium oxide nanowire or single Si/a-Si core/shell nanowire was used as working electrode, and electrical transport of the single nanowire was recorded in situ to detect the evolution of the nanowire during charging and discharging.

Key paper:
Mai, Liqiang; Dong, Yajie; Xu, Lin; Han, Chunhua,"Single Nanowire Electrochemical Devices",Nano Lett.,10,4273-4278 (2010)


b.Single Nanowire Sensor: Using the single nanowire field emission characteristics, Mai group made the single nanowire sensors, which shew good sensitivity. This novel nanomaterials show  a shorter response time and recovery time, response to low concentration and a good selectivity.

Key paper:
Mai, Liqiang; Xu, Lin; Gao, Qian; Han, Chunhua; Hu, Bin; Pi, Yuqiang,"Single β-AgVO3 Nanowire H2S Sensor",Nano Lett.,10,2604-2608 (2010)