Liqiang Mai


Chair Professor
Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor 

Distinguished Young Scholar of the National Science Fund of China

The Winner of National Ten Thousand Talent Plan of China 


State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing

International School of Materials Science and Engineering 

Wuhan University of Technology

122 Luoshi Road, Wuhan 430070, Hubei, China

TEL: +86-27-87467595  FAX: +86-27-87644867


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Education and training

2008 - 2011           Advanced Research Scholar, Harvard University, USA (Collaboration Supervisor: Prof. Charles M. Lieber)

2006 - 2007           Postdoctoral Research, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Collaboration Supervisor: Prof. Zhonglin Wang)

2001 - 2004           Ph.D., Materials Science, Wuhan University of Technology, China

1998 - 2001           M.Sc., Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials, Guilin Institute of Technology, China

1994 - 1998           Bachelor, Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials, Taiyuan University of Technology, China


Professional Experience

2016 - now             Dean for International Affair, International School of Materials Science and Engineering 

2011 - now             Chair Professor of Materials Science, Wuhan University of Technology, China

2009 - now             Executive Director, WUT-Harvard Joint Nano Key Laboratory

2007 - 2011            Professor of Materials Science, Wuhan University of Technology, China

2004 - 2007            Associate Professor of Materials Science, Wuhan University of Technology, China


Committee and Board Memberships

l   Guest editor of Advanced Materials

l   Advisory Board of Nano Research

l   International Advisory Board of Advanced Electronic Materials

l   Editorial Board of Science China Materials

l   Senior Editor of Science Advances Today


Research Topics:

l  New nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage

l  Micro/nano energy devices


Main Projects Undertaken

l   National Key Research and Development Program of China

l   National Basic Research Program of China (”973”)

l   International Science & Technology Cooperation Program of China

l   National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China

l   National Natural Science Foundation of China


Publication record

More than 180 SCI-index papers, including Nature Nanotechnol (1), Chem Rev (1), Nature Commun (6), Adv Mater (10), Nano Lett (20), Adv Energy Mater (6), PNAS (1), J Am Chem Soc (1), Energy Environ Sci (1). 28 ESI highly cited papers and 3 ESI 0.1% hot papers, 2 book chapters, ~50 authorized patents. Selected papers are as follows


[1]    L. Q. Mai*, F. Yang, Y. L. Zhao, X. Xu, L. Xu, Y. Z. Luo, Hierarchical MnMoO4/CoMO4 Heterostructured Nanowires with Enhanced Supercapacitor Performance, Nature Communications, 2 (2011) 381.

[2]    L. Q. Mai*, A. Minhas-Khan, X. C. Tian, K. M. Hercule, Y. L. Zhao, X. Lin, X. Xu, Synergistic Interaction between Redox-Active Electrolyte and Binder-Free Functionalized Carbon for Ultrahigh Supercapacitor Performance, Nature Communications, 4 (2013) 2923.

[3]    L. Q. Mai*, X. C. Tian, X. Xu, L. Chang, L. Xu, Nanowire Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices, Chemical Reviews, 114 (2014) 11828-11862.

[4]    Y. L. Zhao, J. G. Feng, X. Liu, F. C. Wang, L. F. Wang, C. W. Shi, L. Huang, X. Feng, X. Y. Chen, L. Xu, M. Y. Yan, Q. J. Zhang, X. D. Bai, H. A. Wu, L. Q. Mai*, Self-Adaptive Strain-Relaxation Optimization for High-Energy Lithium Storage Material through Crumpling of Graphene, Nature Communications, 5 (2014) 4565.

[5]    C. J. Niu, J. S. Meng, X. P. Wang, C. H. Han, M. Y. Yan, K. N. Zhao, X. Xu, W. H. Ren, Y. L. Zhao, L. Xu, Q. J. Zhang, D. Y. Zhao, L. Q. Mai*, General Synthesis of Complex Nanotubes by Gradient Electrospinning and Controlled Pyrolysis, Nature Communications, 6 (2015) 7402.

[6]    L. Q. Mai*, L. Xu, C. H. Han, X. Xu, Y. Z. Luo, S. Y. Zhao, Y. L. Zhao, Electrospun Ultralong Hierarchical Vanadium Oxide Nanowires with High Performance for Lithium Ion Batteries, Nano Letters, 10 (2010) 4750-4755.

[7]    L. Q. Mai, B. Hu, W. Chen, Y. Y. Qi, C. S. Lao, R. S. Yang, Y. Dai, Z. L. Wang, Lithiated MoO3 Nanobelts with Greatly Improved Performance for Lithium Batteries, Advanced Materials, 19 (2007) 3712-3716.

[8]    Y. L. Zhao, L. Xu, L. Q. Mai*, C. H. Han, Q. Y. An, X. Xu, X. Liu, Q. J. Zhang, Hierarchical Mesoporous Perovskite La0.5sr0.5coo2.91 Nanowires with Ultrahigh Capacity for Li-Air Batteries, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109 (2012) 19569-19574.

[9]    L. Q. Mai*, Y. J. Dong, L. Xu, C. H. Han, Single Nanowire Electrochemical Devices, Nano Letters, 10 (2010) 4273-4278.

[10]  M. Y. Yan, F. C. Wang, C. H. Han, X. Y. Ma, X. Xu, Q. Y. An, L. Xu, C. J. Niu, Y. L. Zhao, X. C. Tian, P. Hu, H. A. Wu, L. Q. Mai*, Nanowire Templated Semihollow Bicontinuous Graphene Scrolls: Designed Construction, Mechanism, and Enhanced Energy Storage Performance, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (2013) 18176-18182.


Academic Awards

2016               National Award for Youth in Science and Technology of China

2016                     The Winner of National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project and “Young and Middle aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions” of China

2016                     The Winner of National Ten Thousand Talent Program of China

2016                     State Council Government Subsidy Expert of China

2016                     Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award

2016                     Excellent Returned Overseas Chinese Talents of Hubei Province

2015                     Distinguished Young Scholar of the National Science Fund of China

2015                     Research Progress Award in Electrospinning

2015                     Scientific Chinese Figures 2015

2014                     The Young and Middle-Aged Leading Scientists, Engineers and Innovators from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China

2014                     First Prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science Award

2012                     Grand Prize of Hubei Provincial Natural Science Excellent Paper Award