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2019 Wuhan University of Technology Nano Key Laboratory Safety Education Conference was held

    Updated time:2019-01-07 09:29:00    

In order to further enhance the laboratory safety education and improve the safety awareness of all teachers and students and the ability to deal with emergencies, on the evening of January 4, the Safety Education Conference of the Nano-Key Laboratory of Wuhan University of Technology was successfully held in the library lecture hall in 2019. The meeting was hosted by Mr. An Qinyou, and all the teachers, masters and undergraduates of the laboratory attended the meeting.

In the first item of the conference, Li ZhaoHuai, the head of laboratory safety, summarized the problems in the recent laboratory safety inspections and the latest safety management regulations of the laboratory. Mr. Xu Xu, the head of the laboratory equipment, combined his experience in UCLA learning and long-term laboratory work experience, stressed the importance of standardizing the operation of equipment and equipment. Cui Lianmeng, the head of the synthetic room safety, summarized the common problems in the synthesis room. And highlighted the relevant safety precautions.

In the second part of the conference, Pro. Mai Liqiang summed up the safety status of the laboratory, emphasizing that laboratory safety is the most important. All members should pay attention to the safety work of the laboratory. First, attach great importance to laboratory safety work from top to bottom; second, the responsibility is implemented to the one. The rewards and punishments are clear, and the responsibility of the offending personnel should be investigated seriously. The third is to insist on regular inspections and irregular inspections. The fourth is to strictly audit the qualifications of the experimental personnel, and pass the safety education and training before passing the examination to enter the laboratory, and at the same time, to conduct experimental safety education.