Dr. Wei Chen

Male, born on July , 1973, Native Place: Xianning, Hubei, China.

Address: Nano Key  Laboratory of Wuhan University of Technology,Wuhan University of Technology , Wuhan, 430070 Hubei  P. R. China

Phone:    +86 153-0714-1520

Email:    chenwei2005@whut.edu.cn


2002.09-2005.10  Doctor degree. Huazhong University of Science and Technology , Wuhan, Hubei,China, Major in Materials Physics and Chemistry. Supervisor: Prof. Songliu Yuan.

1999.09-2002.06  Master degree. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei,China, Major in inorganic chemistry. Supervisor: Prof. Xiangliang Yang.

1993.09-1997.06  Bachelor degree. Hunan University, Changsha, Hunan,China, Major in inorganic nonmetallic materials. Supervisor: Prof. Hanning Xiao.

Work Experience

2006.01-Current  Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering ,Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, China

1997.07-1998.07  Assistant Engineer, Wuhan Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., LTD Wuhan, Hubei, China

Research Interests

Functional Nanomaterials, Electrochemical Energy Storage: my work focus on the synthesis, hierarchical construction and  performance control of Nanomaterials for energy storage.

Research Project

1、“The electrocatalytic performance and mechanism of the hierarchical mesoporous perovskite lanthanum strontium cobalt oxide nanowires for Lithium-air batteries”, National Natural Science Foundation of China,51272197

2、“The joint R & D of high-performance vanadium oxide nanowires for lithium-ion power battery ,International Science and Technology Cooperation Program of China, 2013DFA50840

3、“Effective Design, Controlled Synthesis and Electrochemical Performance of Supercapacitors Based on Hierachical Metal Oxide Nanowires”,The Fundamental Research Fund for the Central Universites,2013-IV-131


1. Ruimin Sun, Qiulong Wei, Qidong Li, Wen Luo, Qinyou An, Jinzhi Sheng, Di Wang, Wei Chen*, Liqiang Mai*. Vanadium Sulfide on Reduced Graphene Oxide Layer as a Promising Anode for Sodium Ion Battery, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2015, 7, 20902-20908

2. Wenhao Ren, Zhiping Zheng, Yanzhu Luo, Wei Chen*, Chaojiang Niu, Kangning Zhao, Mengyu Yan, Lei Zhang, Jiashen Meng, Liqiang Mai*. An electrospun hierarchical LiV3O8 nanowire-in-network for high-rate and long-life lithium batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3, 19850-19856.

3. Kalele Mulonda Hercule, Qiulong Wei, Owusu Kwadwo Asare, Longbing Qu, Aamir Minhas Khan, Mengyu Yan, Chunhui Du, Wei Chen* and Liqiang Mai*. Interconnected Nanorods-Nanoflakes Li2Co2(MoO4)3 Framework Structure with Enhanced Electrochemical Properties for Supercapacitors, Advanced Energy Materials, 2015,5,1500060.

4. Yifan Dong, Shuo Li, Kangning Zhao, Chunhua Han, Wei Chen*, Bingliang Wang, Lei Wang, Boan Xu, Qiulong Wei, Lei Zhang, Xu Xu and Liqiang Mai*. Hierarchical zigzag Na1.25V3O8 nanowires with topotactically encoded superior performance for sodium-ion battery cathodes, Energy & Environmental Science, 2015,8,1267-1275.

5. Jinzhi Sheng, Qidong Li, Qiulong Wei, Pengfei Zhang, Qinqin Wang, Fan Lv, Qinyou An, Wei Chen* and Liqiang Mai*. Metastable Amorphous Chromium-vanadium Oxides Nanoparticles with Superior Performance as a New Lithium Battery Cathode, Nano Research, 2014, 7,1604-1612

6. Shuo Li, Yi-Fan Dong, Dan-Dan Wang, Wei Chen*, Lei Huang, Chang-Wei Shi, Li-Qiang Mai*. Hierarchical nanowires for high-performance electrochemical energy storage, Front. Phys., 2014, 9, 303-322.

7.麦立强, 陈丹丹, 赵康宁, 陈施谕, 魏湫龙, 陈伟 , "纳米线电化学储能材料与器件" 《科学通报》2013, 583312 ~ 3327.

8. W. Chen, L.F. Zhao, Y.Q. Wang, J.H. Miao, S. Liu, Z.C. Xia, S.L. Yuan. Magnetism in Mn-doped ZnO bulk samples, Solid State Communications 134(2005) 827830

9. W. Chen, L. F. Zhao, Y. Q. Wang, J. H. Miao, S. Liu, Z. C. Xia, and S. L. Yuan. Effects of temperature and atmosphere on the magnetism properties of Mn-doped  ZnOAppl. Phys. Lett. 87, (2005) 042507-042509

10. Yuan Song-Liu; Chen Wei; Zhao Li-Feng et al. Origin of the Downturn in Inverse Susceptibility Observed above the Curie Temperature in Perovskite Manganites. Chinese Physics Letters, 22(6), (2005) 1511-1514

11. Li-Feng Zhao; Wei Chen; Jing-Ling Shang et al. Giant magnetoresistance on low field in non-stoichiometric La2/3Ca1/3Mn1xO3Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 38(14), (2005) 2480-2483



1. 2013.07 The 30th National Academic Annual Conference of Chemical and Physical Power

2. 2015.06 The 10th Sino-Us Nano Forum

Foreign Languages

1.      English: CET6.

2.  Chinese: Mother Language




Prof. Dr. Liqiang Mai (麦立强)

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Prof. Dr. Liang Zhou (周亮)

State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing

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Prof. Dr. Shaoxuan Gu (顾少轩)
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